Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spring Exhibition 1/9/10 - 2/10/10

'After Birth' by Michelle Willsmore

Feature artist: Yvonne Jaunay
Drop off art: 25-28 August
Open: 1 September – 2 October 2010

Spring, renewal, growth. September is our Spring. Chill winter slips away and our Hills come alive with growth and zing and sunshine comes to stay. Don your artist’s apron now and create a work that sings.
Spring is sprung and things to be done
so paint and make and construct if you dare.

Medium: Mixed media, painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, whimsy, pastels, jewellery, ceramics and fabrications.

Participation welcomed, $1 per week per item 10% commission

Gallery Hours - Wed-Sat 10-4

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cricket art prize 2010

The work may be figurative, semi-abstract, still-life or figure-in-landscape.

Acceptable media are: oil painting, acrylic painting, water-colour, pastels or mixed media on canvas, board or artists paper with a cubist, impressionist, tonalist, fauvist, surrealist, pop art, futurist, hard-edge, modern, naïve, orientalist, pointillist, precisionist, regionalist or romanticist style.

A painting or composition that depicts life in and around the game and sport of cricket, in settings of backyard, park, beach, street, local club or social-cricket.

The judges for 2010 are comedian and author Steve Abbott; art collector Dr. Dick Quan; art-critic John McDonald and last years winning artist - Jane Kellahan.

This annual art prize competitjavascript:void(0)ion offers AU$20,000 to the winning artist, AU$2000 for the Highly Commended and AU$1000 to the Peoples’ Choice with international exposure for the finalists in the travelling exhibition.

A wider variety of entries are expected this year due to the Cricket Art Prize being open to all test-cricket playing nations… the closing date is the 1st of September and all artists are encouraged to get hold of an entry form and ‘start putting some runs on the board’.

Closing date 1st of September

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Willard Wigan - Mirco-Sculptor

You have got to check this guy out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Willard Wigan is a "micro-sculptor."
He works under a microscope and mounts most of work inside the eye of a sewing needle or on a pin head.

Arts Laws

Heres a site that covers all legal questions relating to creating, displaying, distributing your art etc. Includes details on.................
  • protecting your ideas and designs,
  • street photographers rights,
  • unauthorised use of your image,
  • copyright,
  • displaying visual arts on the internet
  • advice before entering competitions
  • classification and censorship
  • and just about everything else