Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Found Word Poems

Setting the scene: Poetry Forum gathering, members chatting, writing, sharing, collaborating...I decide to listen and record whatever snippets catch my attention....words, phrases, exclamations, hour and 4 pages later I have my raw data, my Found Words to shape, collate, mould and create, literally from out of thin air! From breath to speech to page to poetry....Found! Here are some of the resulting poems:
Perfect Date
If I wasn't so repressed
stoned and pissed
highbrow literate
anally retentive
sort of "done it all" player

and if you didn't know.....
it could just finish up all right!

cracked, my good fortune!
scorched bones purple black and bleached
just an empty shell
textured living thing
animated bits of skin
beautiful people
muso gypsies drunk
on cups of tea and solace
all their hair-ness cool

Not Haiku
unused to massive appreciation
completely dyed
left buttock
peroxide blonde.
And why not!

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