Thursday, September 6, 2012

Visual Poetry exhibit, July 2012

At short notice, I prepared a small exhibition of visual poetry at the General Store, mainly to celebrate the forthcoming publication of The Last Vispo anthology (later this year, from Fantagraphics). The exhibition lasted for the month of July.

Here are some lo-res photos I took with my friend's phone:
book & card by Rob Grant (Australia), postcard by Sheila E. Murphy (USA), 2 objects by Carol Stetser (USA)
pages from The Last Vispo: visual poems by Anatol Knotek, Jo Cook, Geof Huth, Joseph Keppler
pages from The Last Vispo: visual poems by Donato Mancini, Marilyn Rosenberg, Peter Cicciarello, mIEKAL aND
pages from The Last Vispo: visual poems by Gary Barwin, Gareth Jenkins, Suzan Sarı, Reed Altemus
3 pages by Serse Luigetti (Italy)
cards by Shmuel (USA) & Tim Gaze (Australia)
some books & magazines from my collection:
poemdrawings, by Andrew Suknaski (bootleg edition, Australia)
Dada Korkut, by Serkan Isin (Ebabil, Turkey)
Sample EXample, by Jim Leftwich (Luna Bisonte Prods, USA)
skull pulse, by Andrew Topel (Eight Page Press, Finland)
Ignore This Sign!, by Eileen Hennessy (self-published, Australia)
noology, by Tim Gaze (Arrum Press, Finland)
Unusual Work #2 (edited by Π.Ο., Australia)
poemic strip anthology (edited by Piotr Szreniawski, Poland)
collapoems, by Cornelis Vleeskens (Earthdance, Australia)
un nome, by Michael Basinksi (Runaway Spoon Press, USA)
Silence, by Derek Beaulieu (Redfoxpress, Ireland)
Poesía Visual, numeros 28 & 30 (edited by Samuel Montalvetti, Argentina)
zaumpoems, by pete spence (Earthdance, Australia)
Stalking the Minotaur, by Bill Keith (Koja Press, USA)
Simultaneous Parallel Circuits, by Shigeru Matsui (Aloalo, Japan)
brushpoems, by Cornelis Vleeskens (Earthdance, Australia)
Query, Quest & Quasi, by Marilyn R. Rosenberg (self-published, USA)
δ (delta) numero 27 (edited by Tanabe Shin, Japan)
Lost & Found Times # 49 (edited by John M Bennett, USA)
Cutupia, by Reed Altemus (TonerWorks, USA)
From the Annual Records of the Cloud Appreciation Society, by Márton Koppány & Nico Vassilakis (Otoliths, Australia)
Wordless (poems), by Rosaire Appel (press rappel, USA)

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