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Newsletter @ General Store - 21 June 2010

News from Michelle

Name Change
If you havent heard the gallery is now called "The General Store Community Arts Centre." We wanted the name to emphasize that we are here for the whole community of artists, beginners and art lovers etc

View to Merge with ARTVAN
ARTVAN invited us to join them. This will mean we will become a part of their already established incorporated body. When this gets underway, a public meeting will be called to form a committee. A President, Treasurer, Secretary, committee members etc will need to be elected. You will all be notified when the meeting will take place. This will also give us legitimacy with Centrelink, an will enable our unemployed volunteers to use the Arts Centre to do their volunteer hours.

Susanna and I have submitted a grant form to the council for funds. We expect to hear news in the new financial year. I am also in the process of submitting a grant form to Bunnings. Also, several local businesses have been approached for sponsorship - for heating etc. Not sure how this will go, but its worth a try.

Our Sala Festival opening is Friday 30th July at 6.30pm. The gallery will be heated for the evening and will be opened by Annie Fox, attended by Joan from The Courier, and will include a short skit starring Susanna and Greg!!!!
SALA - 31st July to 22nd August
Gallery Hours - Wed-Sun 10-4

Heating during SALA
If anyone has a spare heater the gallery can continue to use throughout winter we will love you forever. If you or your friends need seating for some of the night it would be a good idea to bring your own.

Leaflet Distribution for SALA
We want to do a letterbox drop to local businesses and residents to advertise this event. This proved to be quite successful for the sale we had in May, where there were visitors to the gallery in response to receiving one. Any help with this would also be appreciated. If everyone could drop some around where they live it might make some difference. We are looking to do this in the last two weeks of July. Leaflets will be available from the gallery. Please drop in and get some. Thanks

School holiday sitting
Susanna is going away and we are going to be short for sitters for the Wednesday and Saturday afternoon for two weeks. (School holidays Mon 5th-Fri 16th July) . If you can, there's a roster drawn up on the kitchen wall at the gallery for you to put your name down. Any help would be appreciated.

SALA sitting
Through the SALA exhibition, all exhibitors will need to do their bit of sitting. We are also going to be open Sundays for this event. Please come in to put you name on the roster.

Sitting after SALA
When SALA is finished, after 22nd August, we will be looking for sitters
for Wednesday and Saturday. Volunteers are the glue that keep the Arts Centre together.

There are a few artists with outstanding hanging fees. Please ensure that you are paid up to date as this pays the rent. If you were given a receipt with your last payment, it should tell you when you are next due. Otherwise, please contact me, or I will send you an invoice and take your art off the wall. Sorry to seem harsh. I know sales are low. If anyone has some advice on this their input will be welcomed.

Current and Upcoming Classes

Mixed media for children -
Currently there are places available for children in Susanna's class on Saturday mornings. There wont be any classes running through the school holidays, however. If you are interested, please contact Susanna through the gallery email.

Jim Filmer has Photoshop classes as well.
Please contact him at

Visual Journalling with Julie Montgomery
starting Monday 19th July 10am.
email Julie at

Lino Printmaking with Janet Reid
starting Monday 19th July in afternoon
email Janet at

Sculpture classes Tuesdays
starting 20th July.
Contact Susanna via the Gallery email

Youth/Young Adult Art
Coming soon we will have a permanent space for youth/young adults who will be exhibiting works such as Manga art and visual slide shows. We are looking for this to start after SALA - after 22nd August
Please contact Michelle if you know anyone who would like to be a part of this via email

New Classes
If you would like to teach or know somebody who does, the space is there to use. All rooms are available to teach in on Sunday(except through SALA), Monday and Tuesdays, as the gallery isn't open on these days. Space is also available on Thursday and Friday. The large back room near kitchen is available for this. Once off workshops are also encouraged. A Data Projector can be provided. If you think you have something to contribute, then you are most welcome

Art Supplies/electrical required
If anyone has the following they no longer have use for we can use these for classes
- coloured pencils etc (including watercolour)
- coloured, black and white paper and card
- acrylic/watercolour/fabric paint (including house paint)
- art/craft books/magazines
- lino squares
- fabric offcuts
- printmaking ink
- printmaking/lino cutting tools
- clay
- brushes of any kind
- wooden frames
- glues
- easels
- canvas
- any other useful art supply items
- kettle, heaters, iron, hairdryers, vacuum cleaner
Does anyone know where we can get a press for printmaking?

Best wishes from Michelle

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