Monday, June 28, 2010

Official SALA Program Released

Monday , 28 June 2010

The outstandingly diverse 2010 SALA Festival program has been launched

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Whatever you do, make sure you get your hands on one of this year’s hottest festival programs.

“The record breaking, SALA Festival for 2010, has 518 officially registered venues, exhibiting the diversity, colour and depth of over 3,000 South Australian visual artists throughout our state. This year exceeds all expectations and promises to be the biggest yet in SALA’s 13 year history. For 24 days, the 2010 SALA Festival July 30 – August 22 is going to capture your imagination, inspire you, challenge your perceptions, invite conversation, and ignite your appreciation of the visual arts and it’s completely free”. Penny McAuley, General Manager SALA Festival.

Programs are available from your local cafe, restaurant, information centre, winery, gallery and all registered exhibition spaces to name but a few, alternatively head to our website to view the full program and location maps online.

The General Store Community Arts Centre - 21 Exhibitors

Susanne Elborough, Jim Filmer, Peter Gower, Sue Hamilton, Liz Hirstle, Janet Hawtin, Jenny Howells, Chris Jeffrey, Vitas Jurevicius, John Mangal, Delphine Massey, Greg Mill, Keri Petersen, Dez Pullin, Pamela Pullin, Janice Schiller, Ann Shegog, Maxine Taylor, Michelle Willsmore, Wendy Wilson, Liz Yelland.

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